Bootstrap Interview Question in PDF

In this article most frequently asked questions about the Bootstrap interview and we have included a list of the most popular questions and answers for the Bootstrap interview.

Below are the list of Best Bootstrap Interview Questions

Que. What is bootstrap? Explain

Que. Why is Bootstrap used for mobile web development?

Que: Explain why choosing Bootstrap to build the websites?

Que: What are the key components of Bootstrap?

Que: Why Use Bootstrap?

Bootstrap Interview Question PDF

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Que: What do you understand by Bootstrap container?

Que: How many types of designs are in Bootstrap? or What are the types of design available in Bootstrap?

Que: What is the Bootstrap grid system? Explain

Que: What are grid classes in Bootstrap?

Que: Please explain about offset columns in Bootstrap?

Que: What is Jumbotron in Bootstrap for?

Que: Explain what Bootstrap collapsing elements are?

Que: What explains Bootstrap well?

Que: How can we make the image respond in Bootstrap?

Bootstrap Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Bootstrap Interview Questions PDF
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