Backlinks, also known as inbound links, inbound links, inbound links and inbound links, are inbound links to a website or web page.

In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web page, directory or top-level domain from another web page.

Brief History of Backlink:-

In this article we learn history of backlink. It have always influenced how well a site ranked on search engine results (SERP) pages. However, in the past, the algorithms were not designed to take into account people who tried to trick the system when loading backlinks from sites that had nothing but links, no content of real relevance. These sites quickly became known as “link farms” and were used by webmasters to increase the ranking of their multiple sites.

Backlink Quality:

  • PageRank (PR)
  • Website Content Matching
  • Page Positioning
  • Page Hierarchy
  • Anchor Text

Types of Backlink?

There are three types of links:

  • The Good
  • The Bad
  • The best

Why backlinks are important in internet marketing?

  • While a backlink is a type of reference, it can also be a measure of the reputation of your website.
  • This is the reason why major search engines use backlinks in their search algorithms.
  • They catalog the amount of backlinks and the strength of the people who are linking to your site and use this in their algorithm to determine how well you
  • Rank among other sites that deal with your website niche.
  • Using backlinks can increase the visibility of your site by getting your site highly ranked in the search engine.
  • This, in turn, will lead more people to visit your site and, therefore, more business.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting accounts are intended for an owner and come with a cPanel. You can host unlimited domains in a shared plan by adding domains to the “Additional domains” section of cPanel. Resale is not allowed in shared hosting plans.

Difference between shared hosting and reseller hosting
Difference between shared hosting and reseller hosting

3 Best Shared Hosting Services

We have reviewed tons of shared hosting providers, both personally. We advise potential shared hosting clients to search for free domains, easy site creation options and marketing incentives. And don’t underestimate the importance of support ratings and uptime guarantees! Without further ado, check out the main shared hosts:


Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting accounts are intended for an owner who wishes to resell accommodation and essentially act as their own hosting company. Depending on the reseller plan you choose, you can have between 10 and 250 separate cPanel accounts. Then, with a reseller account, you can configure each domain name with its own cPanel.

Additional advantages of having a reseller account include:

  • The ability to have multiple IP addresses or multiple SSL certificates (SSL certificates and additional IP addresses incur an additional fee).
  • The ability to control DNS zones.
  • The ability to use private name servers.
  • The ability to use anonymous name servers.
  • Brand control panel.
  • FREE hosting billing system.
  • FREE eNom domain account.
  • FREE site builder for your customers.
shared hosting and reseller hosting
shared hosting and reseller hosting

3 Best Reseller Hosting Services

As we move towards the main reseller hosting providers, you may notice some familiar faces. We have found that the best hosts in general have a myriad of services, including shared, reseller, managed and application-specific hosting.

As we conduct our comprehensive reviews, we evaluate prices, storage, management options and monitoring functions, as well as the reliability factor we emphasize for shared hosting customers. You can rely on the following hosts to help you launch your own web hosting business:


Gravity Forms Features

Create powerful online forms quickly and easily with WordPress and Gravity Forms.

Easy to use, powerful forms
Reload your contact forms.

Quickly create and design your WordPress forms using the intuitive visual forms editor. Select your fields, configure your options and easily insert forms into your site with WordPress technology using the integrated tools.

Gravity Forms Features
Gravity Forms is the most powerful, extensible and professional forms solution available for WordPress

More than 30 form fields ready to use
So many wonderful options.

Gravity Forms brings a wide variety of form field entries at your fingertips and trust us, your fingers will appreciate it. Choose and choose which fields you want to use with the easy-to-use form editor.

Gravity Forms Features
Gravity Forms Features

Conditional logic
It is not really magical.

Conditional logic allows you to configure your form to show or hide fields, sections, pages or even the submit button according to user selections. This allows you to easily control what information your user is asked to provide on your site with WordPress technology and adapt the form specifically to your needs.

Gravity Forms
Gravity Forms

Join the Elite Form scene
Get away from the crowd.

Show your skills to create forms. With add-ons such as Surveys, Questionnaires, Surveys and Video Recording, take your form creation to the next level.

Gravity Forms is the most powerful WordPress Plugin
Gravity Forms is the most powerful WordPress Plugin

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is a process to promote a website.

SEO is used to improve your online business website, informational site or to populate new online social communities.

It alerts search engines about websites and tells a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, the importance of your website.

In summary, SEO can be defined as the promotional marketing of a website (although it differs) that explores new dimensions to receive more traffic, more visits, more revenue.

SEO is used to improve your online business website

What does SEO include?

SEO is a short word that surrounds a large area of online promotion.

It can be defined in two categories, SEO on page and SEO off page.

They are two different methods to improve site performance and are used together.

SEO on page
SEO on page

These are just some names that include more things to motivate search engines to improve the ranking of a site.

SEO off page
SEO off page

What is the difference between SEO and SEM? Are they linked to each other?

While SEO describes search engine optimization, SEM represents search engine marketing.

Both are completely different and have different aspects and impacts on the performance of a website.

SEO improves the ranking of websites in search results, while SEM approaches new users directly.

However, it is not necessary to mix both terms, but a good combination of both can produce surprising results, it can even improve site traffic and business in multiplication.

IRCTC provides facility to book their railway ticket online through internet to avoid hassle of hours in long queue.

Tickets reserved on internet are called i-ticket or e-ticket.

How to Use It ?

Well, it’s as simple as registering on a site, you just have to register on the IRCTC website and then you will be given a user ID and password. You can log in with that and find your train and make a reservation.

Railway reservation procedure?

  1. Register first or log in here if you already have an account
  2. find you train
  3. Then you can get the train code you need, return here where you had previously logged in. Click on the reservation ticket and enter your information.
  4. Make the payment through your credit / debit card or online banking.
  5. Done Booking

Following are the meanings of different codes:

  • Confirmed
  • RAC (Reservation against cancellation)
  • WL (Waiting List)
  • RAC / WL [num]
  • Regret


The ticket is confirmed with the birth, you will be given a coach number and a bunk number. IRCTC Indian Railways allows the reservation for 90 days from the trip, so it is very likely that you have a confirmed seat if you have registered before.

RAC (Reservation against cancellation):

If your PNR status is RAC, it means that you have a confirmed reservation but only with a sitting accommodation. The berth is not confirmed, but it can be if someone cancels before you on the list. You can get on the train and sit on two side chairs.

WL (Waiting List):

The status of WL pnr means that it does not guarantee any type of accommodation in bunk beds or seats.
They will be accommodated only if enough is confirmed or RAC ticket holders cancel their reservation.

RAC / WL [num]:

If you obtained an IRNPc status similar to this WL21 or WL12 or WL [any number], then the number indicates your position in the queue of


when the IRCTC reached a maximum number of reservations on the waiting list too, it closes the reservation system and regrets that the reservation cannot be made at this time.

cancelled railway ticket?
cancelled railway ticket