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Material Design Interview Questions

What is Materialize CSS?

Materialize is a library of user interface (UI) components. Which Introduced by Google (2014 – present), Material Design is a language that combines the classic principles of successful design. Materialize user interface (UI) components are mainly used to create innovative websites, web applications, Android applications.

What is materializing badges?

Materialize CSS Badges can notify you that there are new or unread messages or notifications. You can add the new kinds of badge to the badge to give it the background.

What are the BreadCrumb classes in Materialize CSS?

Materialize CSS are provides two classes for BreadCrumb:

1. nav-wrapper – It use to set nav component as breadcrumb/nav bar wrapper.

2. breadcrumb – it use to set anchor element as breadcrumb.

What grid is used in Materialize?

It has 12 columns in Materialize grid. It is No matter the size of the web browser and each of these columns will always have the same width.

All columns must be contained within a row and you must add the col class to your internal divs to convert them into columns

S1 is stands for small-1 column on small screens.

M1 is stands for medium-1 column on medium screens.


<div class=”container”>

<div class=”row”>

<div class=”col s1″>1</div>

</div><!–end row–>

</div><!–end container–>

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