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Top 20 HTML Questions

What is semantic HTML?

Semantic HTML is a style with the help of html ...
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What is the relationship between SGML,HTML , XML and XHTML?

SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) is a standard that indicates ...
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What is HTML 5?

HTML 5 is a new standard for HTML. Hypertext Markup ...
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New popular HTML5 APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).?

HTML5 new APIs are:
  1. HTML Geolocation
  2. HTML Drag and Drop
  3. HTML Local ...
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Which browsers support HTML5?

Almost all browsers Exp: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer ...
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What is DataList in HTML5?

Datalist element in HTML5 helps to provide autocomplete feature in ...
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What are the different new form element types in HTML5?

There are 10 important new form elements in HTML 5: ...
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What are List? How to create Lists?

HTML list <ul> and <o> tag are used to create ...
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What are the advantage of using jQuery?

  1. Easy to use and learn.
  2. Easily expandable.
  3. Cross-browser support (IE 6.0+, FF ...
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Difference between ID selector and class selector in jQuery?

The difference between ID and class selector, It is same ...
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Difference between $(this) and this keyword in jQuery?

$(this) returns a jQuery object, on which you can call ...
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What is a class? What is an ID?

Class- A class is a style (like a group of ...
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what is Bootstrap? Why use Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS and JS framework for creating ...
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What is Bootstrap 4? Explain It?

Bootstrap 4 is the latest version of Bootstrap, which is ...
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HTML5 Interview Question

Most Frequently Asked Question HTML5 Interview Questions with Answers HTML5 ...
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